Mark Reichman

Mark Reichman

National Representative

What is it like to be a tribal missionary? What do missionaries need? Mark and Joan Reichman, Hawaii Representatives for New Tribes Mission, answer questions like these based on their 23 years of service in Papua New Guinea.

Their responsibilities as bookkeeper and supply buyer for 25 missionary families in 10 tribal locations gave Mark and Joan the inside scoop. They made their deliveries by truck and boat and served as host and hostess to missionaries traveling to and from their tribal locations. There’s nothing like providing the day-to-day practical needs of people living in isolated tribal villages to get a good picture of the various challenges they face.

Over the years, the missionaries Mark and Joan served have completed four New Testament translations and planted more than 25 churches with more than 2,200 believers. The Reichmans have had the privilege of seeing and helping support the birth and growth of tribal churches which have now gone on to take the Gospel to neighboring people groups.

The Reichmans’ ministry experience gives them a perspective that is broader than just one people group and they bring that knowledge into their present ministry of mobilizing Christians to get involved in reaching unreached people groups with the Gospel. Speaking in churches, colleges, schools and small groups, they seek to inform Christians about the needs and opportunities in missions.

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