Doug Schaible

Doug Schaible

National Representative

When Doug and Cheryl Schaible moved in among the Solong people of Papua New Guinea, the villagers believed that the spirit world could be manipulated by rituals, sacrifices and proper living. The people had heard some Christian teachings, but because they had mixed it in with their animistic world view, they did not understand the Gospel.

The Schaibles served seven years in Papua New Guinea, five of those among the Solong people, learning language and culture and then translating and teaching God’s Word to them in their native language. Many of the Solong understood and believed the Gospel, choosing to follow the Lord rather than the stories passed down by their ancestors. Equipped with the New Testament translated into their own language, the Solong church is now firmly grounded and moving ahead.

Currently the Schaibles serve in the Central United States as representatives of tribal people through New Tribes Mission. Speaking in churches and colleges, Doug and Cheryl seek to inform Christians of the needs and opportunities in church planting among the remote tribes of the world, showing people how they can be involved in blessing others with the Gospel.

The Schaibles’ experience and ministry in Papua New Guinea have helped to make relevant their current ministry as representatives.

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