Dave Hilt

Dave Hilt

National Representative

  • Email: david_hilt@ntm.org
  • Phone: 717-812-8368 Fax 717-812-8368
  • Location: York, Pennsylvania

Prior to taking their stateside role as Mid-Atlantic representatives for NTM, Dave and Joyce served 16 years with NTM in Papua New Guinea. They began their field ministry in the Pawaia tribe, then moved to reach the isolated Loko tribe. Deteriorating health forced them to leave this area.

Dave then supervised the graphics division of the mission publications team, as well as offering assistance through practical helps to outlying tribal areas with his building skills. He also assisted in training national believers for ministry, taught Bible classes in a government school, and taught journalism at the school for the children of missionaries.

Apart from their tribal ministry, Joyce served the field in bookkeeping and as a proofreader and typesetter for the publications team. She conducted classes in domestic care for national women and developed a local ladies outreach ministry through Bible study. Joyce also assisted in teaching classes at the boarding school, giving private music instruction, and ministering to co-workers through her gift of hospitality. Together, Dave and Joyce worked as class advisors to high schoolers in the school.

Before the Hilts began formal training with New Tribes Mission in 1981, they served in local church ministries in south-central Pennsylvania. Beginning in youth work, they shifted their focus to Bible teaching among young married couples, and eventually developed a home-discipleship/evangelism outreach in their community.

Dave and Joyce were married in 1974. They have one daughter, Jennifer (now married), who grew up on the mission field. She resides with her husband, a young evangelist, in South Carolina. The Hilts are available for children’s meetings, sharing missions in camps, in small-group settings and home meetings, on college campuses, and by participating in mission conferences in local churches. They also lead work teams abroad.

Their passion is to see the Lord raise up those who will go to the ends of the earth in planting tribal churches among the nations. Dave and Joyce bring with them a fresh focus on missions, often using drama and other visual means to stimulate a greater interest in missions. They reside in York, Pennsylvania.

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