Dan Stokes

Dan Stokes

National Representative

Dan & Kathy Stokes: New Tribes Mission Since 1979

Dan grew up in Virginia and Kathy is from Michigan. They met and married while attending Piedmont Baptist College in North Carolina. Kathy graduated in 1970 with a degree in Christian education while Dan graduated in 1971 with a theology degree. Dan also has masters in missionology from Antioch Seminary.

After college Dan was the pastor of two churches in Michigan. Then in 1979 they entered New Tribes Mission. For 17 years Dan taught doctrine and culture in NTM’s training program. In 1998 they moved to Central Michigan to work as midwest regional representatives.

Their ministry involves representing NTM in local churches, schools and other interested groups. Dan has a burden to see laborers raised up to reach those where the gospel has never gone. He likes to educate and challenge. Over the past years they have traveled to Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia and Paraguay with short term teams of young people and adults.

New Tribes Mission - Espanol

New Tribes Mission – Espanol