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Dorothy Demaster

Total Years of Service with NTM
Dorothy and her late husband, Delmar, served with New Tribes Mission for 17 years.

Country served

We came to the International Headquarters in Florida after our retirement and Delm ran the mechanic shop there, fixing NTM USA Headquarters equipment and cars for the NTM USA Headquarters Staff, and missionaries coming through on furlough. I started out helping cook for volunteers and the NTM USA Headquarters Staff that moved down until they got their apartments live-able. We cooked 3 meals a day in the guest facilities kitchen…no air conditioning in those days…quite a change from Wisconsin climate! Later on I gave visitors tours of the beautiful building the Lord gave to New Tribes for their offices. It was a thrill to share what we had seen God provide before our own eyes as the NTM USA Headquarters building was renovated. God gets all the credit!

How were you challenged into missionary service?

We owned a garage and home in Oostburg, WI. We got to know some of the Staff at the missionary training center in Fredonia. Soon the Lord gave us a desire to be part of getting the gospel to tribal people. Yet, we were both about 60 years old. What could we do? Where? How? We were willing to do whatever God wanted us to do or go wherever God wanted us to go. We shared our hearts with Doug and Barb McCormack and they had us make a call to Macon Hare at the NTM USA Headquarters in Florida. He told us they had been praying for a mechanic to come to help them there at the NTM USA Headquarters. God’s timing was perfect!

What was your biggest test of faith?

It took a big step of faith to put our home up for sale and head to Florida, not knowing just where we would live or what all we would be doing. But we were excited and we were truly willing to believe God!

If you served in a support role, how did it help the other missionaries?

Delm had loved tinkering with cars since he was a boy and had a lot of experience in the years he owned his own garage. Now he was thrilled to be able to use that gift from God to keep the equipment working to run the NTM USA Headquarters, to fix cars for the NTM USA Headquarters Staff and to fix cars for no cost for labor for missionaries on furlough. He never was too busy to help whoever was in need and did it with a sweet patient spirit. I helped cook the first few years and in later years gave tours of the building, but in between it was really interesting to be able to help collate Bible translations in the printing building, help get a Primer printed for helping people in a tribe learn to read their own language, or help in one of the other offices, like at Destination Summit the NTM short term mission program. God showed us a much larger picture of missionary service and that we could be used!

Advice you would give to new missionaries going to the field.

Dorothy says, with much feeling expressed on her face, “Keep trusting Him! He is able! God is the same yesterday, today and forever! Pray without ceasing! Stop trying and start trusting!”

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